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The Rental “Start Date” is the date that you pick up/receive your booked package and begin the use of the item.
The Rental “End Date” is the date in which the service will be stopped and should return the rental package.

Yes, we provide services from physical stores and booths. Our stores are located at three main cities Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur.

Yes, you can.
The payment system automatically sends a purchase receipt to your email after you order successfully goes through.
You will also be receiving an official receipt/invoice with the package purchased at the time of delivery.

We have set a different refund policy on basis of your cancellation.
3 days before the pickup date or earlier: Full Refund
Less than 3 days before the pickup date: No Refund .

No, there are no hidden costs. The total amount per order will be the package price(s).

No, you can only order one start date per order. In case you need different start and end dates you have to follow the buying procedure once again..

There is no such as login option. Once you select your required product all personal detailed should be filled up.

At this moment we only accept credit card, which includes VISA, MASTER CARD……………… We don’t accept PayPal or Cash on Delivery.

  • For placing the order, the deadline is at least 12hr earlier before your arrival. (**** For Airport/Store pickup and delivery option it will be within 10am-6pm NST****)
  • Express Shipping is available (some exclusions apply)

Your purchased package will be delivered within 24hrs prior to your arrival to your selected location. If the option is Airport and physical store you can pick up as per your estimated time of pickup.

The device will be considered as sold and the deposit amount will not be refunded.

No, we do not shop overseas. You will need to collect and return your items in our designated stores or our pickup and delivery services.

If the delivery method is selected as airport then………………………………

Yes, we offer express shipping. For express shipping there will be additional cost of Rs***.You can check the earliest possible start date/pickup date

For drop off of the rental items you can return it to airport or any of our stores mentioned else we can send for the pickup of our rental items which will cost you about Rs****.

Once the device has been rented it will be their responsibility to return the item on the return date. Please extend your rental if you weren`t able to post the package on the return date. If the item is not posted on the return date, late charges will be applied. If the item is not returned even after 3 days from date of return date without any notice, the replacement charges will be charged.

There`s no problem returning it earlier, however, there is no refund for that.

Please kindly check our Prepaid SIM and Rental Pocket Wi-Fi page for further details.

  • For the payment option we have Credit Card option with Visa, Mastercard…….

  • For electronic receipt once your order placement is complete, we will send the email to your account provided.
  • For printed receipt you will be provided with the package.