We carefully designed this theme for you to have all you need to build an incredible community with full profiles, reactions, groups, badges, quests, ranks, credits and much more to come!

The Best Way to Connect With Your Friends!

BuddyPress Powered Social Community We took advantage and expanded the Buddypress plugin with reactions, shares, media, and much more!

Incredible Gamification with Gamipress We created a full gamification experience with badges, quests, credits and ranks to create an awesome experience!

Super Detailed Design Elements & Pages All pages are carefully crafted to fit all you may need! Also, we included lots of illustrations and elements PSD’s!

Super Complete Profile & Newsfeed Pages

We created a super complete profile page with a sleek design, boxes and a slider for easier access to all profile sections like: about, images, badges unlocked, quests completed, posts and more!. You’ll also find other community pages, like newsfeed, complete profile settings, members and groups directory and more!.

Totally Revamped Profile Status Updates!

We totally revamped the Buddypress status update box! Easily upload photos, GIFs. post status updates, edit your posts, and even link Youtube videos just by pasting the URL!!

You’ll count with a wide range of both status update and activity posts (like when someone becomes your friend). You’ll also have the option to mark your posts as pinned, favourite and private, all easily recognizable with our custom icons!

Express Yourself with Post Reactions!

Because we know how important it is, we created a reactions BuddyPress plugin specificaly for the Vikinger theme and with reactions illustrations designed by us!
You’ll get 8 different reactions: Like, Love, Dislike, Happy, Funny, Wow, Angry and Sad. We integrated seamlesly with BuddyPress so you can, not only react to profile posts, but also to profile comments and replies!

Easily Share Posts with Our Share Function

We created a new share activity and functionality so you can quickly share on your profile stream one of your friend’s activity!
If there’s a post you like, simply click the “Share” button at the bottom and a popup will open to show the chosen post and a status update box to add your thoughts! If you want, you can even share your own posts! Quickly add new information or just bring back some old post you wanna talk about again!

Gamipress: Badges Gamification

Using the Gamipress Achievements feature we designed a badges system where you can unlock them and earn credits to unlock profile ranks! You can also proudly show them in your profile with the badges widget!
We included a PSD with lots of badge designs so you can have fun and also, the badges are made with PS vectors, so you can custome them any way you want, or even create new ones!

Gamipress: Quests Gamification

Using the Gamipress Achievements feature we also designed a quests system where you can complete them and earn credits to unlock profile ranks! Like the badges, you can proudly show them in your profile with the quests widget!
We included a PSD with lots of quest medals colors so you can have fun and also, the medals are made with PS vectors, so you can custome them any way you want, or even create new ones!

Gamipress: Credits Gamification

Using the Gamipress Points feature we created three different credits: Gold, Gems and Emeralds. Use them to unlock new ranks and level up! You can proudly show them in your profile with the credits widget and also you’ll be able to always see your current balance on the top bar.
We included a PSD with the three credits and also, they are all made with PS vectors, so you can custome them any way you want, or even create new ones!

Gamipress: Ranks Gamification

Using the Gamipress Ranks feature we created a 6 ranks system where you can “level up” by collecting credits and completing requirements! We’ve also linked your rank number and progress to profile avatars! You’ll be able to quickly see each user’s rank and progress via the outter progress bar.
As with the others, we also included a PSD with the 6 rank shields. All are made with PS vectors, so you can custome them any way you want, or even create new ones!

Amazing Blog Page with Reactions

A complete blog with 3 different views: list, small grid and big grid to help people quicly search their favourite post. We prepared different post types like: standard, video, audio and gallery and three different open post views.
Also, like with the Buddypress post updates, we added reactions so people can show what they think about it!

Illustrations, SVG Icons and Avatars Included!

Yes! We’re including all illustration elements like the credits, rank shields, badges, quest tokens, section banners, the landing illustrations and a lot more inside the pack in PSD files and made with PS vectors so you can easily customize them with a few clicks!
We’re also including all SVG icons and 16 avatars (15 people and 1 smiley). Please keep in mind that this are just the illustration elements, not the complate pages PSDs!

Incredible Groups with Easy Management

So your users don’t have to make changes via the WordPress panel, we created an author hub where they can easily change their avatar, cover photo, social networks, personal information, and much more!

Stylish Author Hub Management

Easily create and manage Buddypress groups! Inside the author hub we created an stylish management system so you can easily create and manage your groups, promote authors to mods or admins, check invitations, and more!

This Theme has React Elements Integrated!

Please read the description below to understand a little more about what this means!
We used React to make several parts of the template more dynamic, allowing users to interact with these parts without having to wait for a page reload, improving user experience. For example, a user can filter activities, add them to his favorites or pin it, react and comment on it, all without a single page refresh.

This also means that certain plugins or addons that may work out of the box with the default WordPress, BuddyPress or GamiPress, may not work without us adding support for them for our theme.

You can check every functionality that our Vikinger theme includes by visiting the live preview we created.

As part of our documentation, we created a lot of videos to help you with the setup and customization of every part of our theme, you can check all those videos here on the top banner.
Please ask us all questions that you need before buying!


Version 1.2.0 December 5th 2020


- Fixed the group profile avatar hexagon showing incorrect color on mobile resolutions.

- Fixed the Radio Buttons and Checkboxes profile field types displaying too close to each other if there were too many of them on mobile resolutions.

- Fixed some section banners still showing after selecting to hide all page headers from the Customizer.

- Fixed an issue that caused the members profile photos page header to not have the correct spacing.

- Fixed an issue that could cause activities from previous filters to show on the activities feed when quickly changing between different filters.

- Fixed chat messages not being marked as read when accessing them directly by using the header message notifications dropdown.

New Features

- Group invitation notifications now have a link to the user "Received Group Invitations" settings page.

- Added a new notification for private group membership requests sent.

- Added a new notification for private group membership request rejections.

- Updated the "Vikinger - BuddyPress Extension" plugin to include the new private groups related "Membership Requests" menu. Please update the plugin using the theme installer.

- Added a new field in the group creation and manage popups that allows the user to select the status of the group (public, private).

- Added a tag sticker that shows the group status on each group box in the manage groups settings screen to help the user know the status of a group without having to open its management popup.

- Added a tag sticker that shows the group status in the group management popup.

- Added a tag sticker that shows the group status on the activity feed and profile group widgets.

- Added information that indicates the amount of admins, mods, members and banned members the group has in the manage group members tab.

- Removed activity post form from all member profiles except own user profile based on user feedback, as it led to confusion.

- Removed unused privacy dropdown from activity post forms.

Private Groups

Added support for BuddyPress private groups. Users can now create private groups which content can only be seen by members of the group.

Private groups have a "Request Membership" button instead of the "Join Group" button that the public groups have. To join a private group, a user has to send a membership request and needs the approval of a member of that group. The membership request can also be canceled by the initiating user or rejected by any member of the private group.

Both membership requests and rejections now feature a specific notification message which links to the new group membership requests settings page. This new page allows to manage membership requests sent to a group and received by any private group the user is a member of.

Existing public groups can be converted to private groups by editing them from the "Manage Groups" settings page, the group manage popup will now have the option to select group status via a dropdown.

Activity Feed Improvements

We introduced several improvements related to the activity feed, including activity preloading and removing the need for the feed to reload when adding a new post.

The new activity preloading allows for activities to load faster after the initial load, activities are loaded in the background while browsing and displayed when the user scrolls to view more.

Removing activity list reload when updating the feed to show new posts allows for activity shares to be displayed dynamically when previously a page reload was needed as to not break the flow when the user scrolled and wanted to share something but continue browsing afterwards without having the feed reload. Regular activity posts also benefit from this new behaviour, they will display dynamically and faster after submitting them.

We introduced some improvements to the Pin activity functionality, pinned activities are now visible to all users instead of only to the user that made the pin, this allows for the pin functionality to not only be used personally but to highlight a post in a user profile for others to see. Also, users can now only pin an activity in their profile feed page, removing the option incorrectly showing on the main activity feed and other profile activity feeds. 


Version 1.1.1 November 28th 2020


- Fixed the "No badges unlocked text" incorrectly showing on the Elementor login register widget when the GamiPress plugin was not active.

- Fixed an issue that caused text to not wrap correctly on some element boxes.

- Fixed an issue that caused users to show in the ranks page when their account was not activated.

- Fixed incorrect color being used for the header progress bar underline in the dark purple preset.

- Fixed incorrect color being used for the avatar rank hexagon in the carbon yellow preset.

New Features

- Deleting a user will now remove its uploads directory at wp-content/uploads/vikinger/member/member_id, deleting all media uploaded by the user from the server.

- Deleting a group will now remove its uploads directory at wp-content/uploads/vikinger/group/group_id, deleting all media uploaded to the group from the server.

- Added support for BuddyPress notification email settings, this will allow users to opt-out of receiving emails when each action occurs, for example when the user is mentioned in a post. The new settings page can be found under "Account" with the name "Email Settings".

- Updated the "Vikinger - BuddyPress Extension" plugin to include the new "Email Settings" menu. Please update the plugin using the theme installer.

- Removed Mentions, Favorites, Friends and Groups tab filters from the main activity feed for logged out users.

- Added an option in the Customizer that allows to display or hide all page banners from the theme pages. This new option is available in the Vikinger Settings -> Page Headers section.


Version 1.1.0 November 21st 2020


- Fixed background of activity comment replies not using correct color.
- Fixed an issue that could cause long strings of text to not wrap correctly on activity posts and comments.
- Fixed positioning of the header side menu trigger and menu.

New Features

- Added missing group related translation strings.
- Added link to homepage to both the header logo and title.

Color Presets

The new "Color Presets" option allows users to quickly change between several different presets to easily change the look and feel of their site. There is also a "Custom" preset available that uses all colors you have defined for your theme on previous versions, so you can keep your previously defined color configuration!.

There are a total of 7 presets:

 - Custom
 - Light
 - Dark
 - Dark Blue
 - Dark Purple
 - Dark Cyan
 - Carbon Yellow

Here's a view of the 5 dark ones:

Note: We update daily new content like WordPress Themes, HTML Templates, Plugins, PHP Scripts everyday. But remember that you should never download Vikinger – BuddyPress and GamiPress Social Community nulled items for a commercial website. Vendors are not responsible for any damage, so buy and use geniune version. We highly recommend to buy and download Vikinger – BuddyPress and GamiPress Social Community from the Original Developer website. Thank you.